African Americans in the Horse Industry

In conjunction with the International Museum of the Horse, the Kentucky Historical Society is featuring the interviews, photos, and artifacts that tell the story of African Americans in the horse industry. We invite you to share memories from all horse-related occupation and recreation with any horse breed.

Stories ⋅ June 7, 2018

Man and child with horse

William B. Ogden Studio, creator. “Man and child with horse, possibly William Harbut,.” Photograph. Winchester, Ky., ca. 1920s – 1940s. Kentucky Historical Society: William B. Ogden Negatives.

Photos ⋅ March 29, 2019

Riding jacket, Oscar Dishman, Jr.

Oscar Dishman, Jr. (1923-2000) was an African-American thoroughbred owner and trainer from New Zion in Scott County, Ky. He was one of four sons of Oscar Dishman, Sr. and Anna Henderson. The younger Dishman got his start in horse racing in the 1960s. By his heyday in the 1970s, Dishman was training up to 35

Photos ⋅ March 29, 2019

Oral History Interview with William Maxberry

William Maxberry talks about his family, education, starting in the horse industry, being an exercise boy, traveling with

Audio ⋅ April 3, 2019
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