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History begins with you!

Whether you’re new to the state or long established, currently living here or just passing through, we want to know the stories that have made an impact on your life or community and helped shape this commonwealth.

That’s why we created KY MEdia Bank. It’s a place to share and archive your personal history of events, locations, stories and memories – things that show what it means to be a Kentuckian and how what’s happened in your past can drive the decisions you make tomorrow.

We’ll present the topic. You provide the narrative through images, audio recordings, video recordings or short stories that offer insight, knowledge, awareness of — and perhaps even a new perspective on — the subject.

Feel free to do this as part of a group of friends or family, as part of a classroom project, or entirely on your own. We welcome any and all submissions that help tell your story.

What’s the Current Topic?

KY MEdia Bank is currently requesting submissions that share the story of family reunions in Kentucky.

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