Severa Jacobs Oral History

Severa Jacobs recollects highlights from her father’s career as a horse groom. Her father was Carlos Manuel Miyares, a Cuban who moved to northern Kentucky and began his career at Latonia race track. Ms. Jacobs shares stories of how Mr. Miyares was treated differently than other African Americans because of his accent, and his goals to support his family and become an American citizen. He achieved this and was included on the front page of the Lexington Herald Leader newspaper in 1947 (see featured image).


Phillip Jones Trophy

This trophy was awarded to Phillip L. Jones, owner and trainer of the horse Jerry Berry Jack, who he named to honor three of his colleagues in the horse industry. The trophy was won for Jerry Berry Jack’s maiden allowance race, meaning the horse showed good potential as a first-timer. Mr. Jones began working with horses in 1979 and continues to this day.


Beauford Hall and Saddlebred Horse

Photo courtesy of Sherman and Anna Greene

Beauford Hall was a professional horse trainer and had what his niece Anna Greene referred to as a “baby farm” in North Middletown, Kentucky. Beauford Hall lived from 1902 until 1991, and was also referred to as Preacher Hall. Anna Greene’s husband Sherman contributed this photo of unknown date. He brought the photo to the International Museum of the Horse’s History Harvest for the Chronicle of African Americans in the Horse Industry on April 13, 2019. The American Saddlebred Museum also holds information on Beauford Hall’s life story.


Riding jacket, Oscar Dishman, Jr.

Oscar Dishman, Jr. (1923-2000) was an African-American thoroughbred owner and trainer from New Zion in Scott County, Ky. He was one of four sons of Oscar Dishman, Sr. and Anna Henderson. The younger Dishman got his start in horse racing in the 1960s. By his heyday in the 1970s, Dishman was training up to 35 horses at a time and working with jockeys such as Bill Shoemaker, Bill Hartack, Pat Day, and Eddie Delahoussaye. Training the winning horses for the 1973 Michigan Mile, Ohio Derby, Hawthorne Stakes, and the Widener Handicap (1977-1978) are among the highlights of his career for which he was awarded the Black Achievement Award in Lexington. He owned an interest in ten different horses as well. This jacket bears his personal stable colors.


Man and child with horse

William B. Ogden Studio, creator. “Man and child with horse, possibly William Harbut,.” Photograph. Winchester, Ky., ca. 1920s – 1940s. Kentucky Historical Society: William B. Ogden Negatives.


Twelve Inches of Snow!

Schmitt, Sarah M., contributor.  March 5, 2015. “Twelve Inches of Snow Stacked on a Birdbath.” Photograph. Frankfort., Ky., March 5, 2015. Privately Owned.


The great sleet storm of 1902, Foxport, Ky.

Smoot, Jean Clark, contributor. “The great sleet storm of 1902, Foxport, Ky.” Photograph. Foxport, Ky., 1902. Kentucky Historical Society: Ohio River Portrait Project. (accessed January 8, 2019).


“Terrible Calamity at Louisville”

“Terrible Calamity at Louisville.”
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. Engraving, Wood. New York, 1890. Kentucky Historical Society: Martin F. Schmidt Collection. (accessed January 7, 2018).

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