Instructions for Individual Submissions to the KY MEdia Bank

Thinking of sharing your own memories or photographs to the KY MEdia Bank, first off, we welcome you to YOUR public space to share Kentucky’s rich individual and community history online!

Here are some tips for submitting your own contribution:

  • Contributions from to this site must be original material. You may not contribute published or copyrighted material without the owners’ express permission. (i.e., no pictures from books at the public library or from a university’s archival collection). Ownership, other than that of the contributor MUST be stated in the description field of the submission.
  • There are several ways you may choose to share your story. You may record your story with a smart phone, ipod, tablet or laptop in audio or video format. You can write your story in the description field of “Join the Conversation.” You might have images you want to share: if shot in digital format, just upload them to the site, if they are not in a digital format, you may choose to scan then or take a photo of them with a digital camera before uploading this to the site.
  • You may choose to have a family member record an interview with you on a particular topic. Your recorded submission doesn’t need a set amount of time, it could be a 2 minute story or a 1 hour full length interview, it is up to you.

Once the audio, video recordings or images are captured,you will need to upload them to the KY Media Bank site through the “Join the Conversation” page. Here you will upload your digital files to the site and describe your contribution for other’s to discover and share.

The fields you will be requested to fill out:

  • Your Name: Contributing student’s name
  • Your Email Address: This is the email address where your confirmation will be sent.
  • Your School/ Organization: This is for group submissions.
  • In what year were you born? : This field is optional
  • What is your occupation: This field is optional
  • What is your gender: This field is optional
  • How do you identify your race: This field is optional

Below “Your Submission”

  • Post Title: This could be something like “Interview with John Doe about …” or it could be “Photograph with Jane Doe in front of the Mayo Underwood High School, 1954.” It should be brief, but descriptive.
  • Description: This is a brief description of the item you have contributed. If the item is an image, describe who is in the image and where the image was taken, where the image came from (ie: contributed by Mrs. Jane Doe) and any interesting stories about the image (ie: “this image of Mr. and Mrs. Doe standing in front of the Parkside Grill was taken in 1964. The Parkside Grill was a usual hangout for teenagers in Salyersville, KY during this time period.”). If a description of an audio or video interview, please write a brief description of what was discussed in the interview (ie: “in this interview, Mrs. Doe discusses attending high school in Sterns, Ky. … .”).
  • Category: Choose from the dropdown what type of file you will be contributing (audio, video, image, written)
  • Today’s Date: Select the date on the calendar that pops up when you click to create a cursor in the box.
  • Featured Image: If you are contributing an audio file or a written memory, you have the opportunity to upload an image of the individual whose story is being shared. This is where you upload that image to go with the audio or written information. Click “select image” and find the image where it is saved on your computer and click “open.”
  • Media URL: if you are posting a video, you will need to first upload this into a video sharing site, like or Once this video is posted to the video sharing site (ie: youtube) you will take the url from that page and post it into this field.
  • File Upload: This is where you upload your audio interview or image. Click on “Select File(s)” and find the image where it is saved on your computer and click “open.”  If you have a video file, you will need to first upload this into a video sharing site, like or
  •  TAG: Please tag your contribution with any keywords or phrases that will be helpful for others searching the site.
  • Publish my contribution on the web: indicate whether you want this submission to be available online or not.
  • Publish my contribution anonymously: you have the option for your contribution to be anonymous if you or your students so choose.
  • Captcha: Please type in the letter and number combination you see here.

Please read the terms and conditions and if you agree, check the “Terms & Conditions” box. When you are finished with your descriptions and content selections, please click the “Submit” button.

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