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Mattie Jones remembers participating in the 1964 march on Frankfort for civil rights in KY

This is a clip from an oral history interview with Mattie Jones about her decisions to join the protests leading up to and during the 1964 Martin Luther King, Jr. let march on Frankfort, KY. This clip is from the Kentucky civil rights oral history project at the Kentucky Historical Society.


Gertrude Ridgel discusses the 1964 March on Frankfort

Gertrude Ridgel remembers preparation and participation in the 1964 Martin Luther King, Jr., march on Frankfort for equality in public accommodations.


Harrodsburg and the Freedom March

This article reflects on Harrodsburg residents participation in the 1964 Martin Luther King led march on Frankfort. This article was written by Kandi Adkinson and Anna Armstrong, the co-directors of the Mercer County African American Heritage Oral History Project. The article was published in the Harrodsburg Herald on 2/20/2014.


Click here to download the essay in PDF format.


Gertrude Ridgel on after the 1964 March on Frankfort

Gertrude Ridgel discusses the aftermath in Frankfort following the 1964 Martin Luther King, Jr. led march on Kentucky’s capitol. Ridgel discusses continuing protests and the fight for desegregation.


Oliver High School graduation class (Winchester, Ky.)

Group portrait of eight women and four men dressed in graduation cap and gown, from 1945, labeled Oliver High School. Two other adults are standing in the middle of the group, a man and a woman, possibly teachers or administrators. Group is standing outside a brick building.Kentucky Historical Society collection.


George Lee Harris, bartender at the Knotty Pine Restaurant on East Main Street, Frankfort. 1941.

The restaurant was near the electric and water office in Frankfort, KY. There is a clock behind the bar with an ad for Four Roses bourbon, and price lists for products including Old Taylor and Old Grand-Dad bourbons.Kentucky Historical Society collection.