Civil Rights

Robert Estill on 1964 lobbying for legislation and the 1964 march on Frankfort

Robert Estill, the first chair of the Human Rights Commission, talks about lobbying efforts towards the 1964 public accommodations bill and the 1964 march on Frankfort that led up to the bill being introduced to the legislature.


Joe Graves remembers participating in the 1964 march on Frankfort

Joe Graves discusses his first experience demonstrating publicly at the 1964 civil rights march on Frankfort. He recalls his surroundings, the feeling of being watched, and watching other people around him.


Harrodsburg and the Freedom March

This article reflects on Harrodsburg residents participation in the 1964 Martin Luther King led march on Frankfort. This article was written by Kandi Adkinson and Anna Armstrong, the co-directors of the Mercer County African American Heritage Oral History Project. The article was published in the Harrodsburg Herald on 2/20/2014.


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Gertrude Ridgel on after the 1964 March on Frankfort

Gertrude Ridgel discusses the aftermath in Frankfort following the 1964 Martin Luther King, Jr. led march on Kentucky’s capitol. Ridgel discusses continuing protests and the fight for desegregation.


Audio – Interview with William C. Calhoun, Sr.

Calhoun: KHS Collections – coll#1995OH02.14b , interview with William C. Calhoun, Sr. Calhoun remembers demonstrations leading up to the Martin Luther King, Jr. led march on Frankfort. He details public protests for the Frisch’s Big Boy restaurant in Frankfort, KY for their segregation policy.


Audio – Interview with Rev K.L. Moore

Moore: KHS Collections – coll#1995OH02.17, interview with Rev K.L. Moore. Moore was a part of the March 5, 1964 Martin Luther King, Jr. led march on Frankfort. He remembers introducing King for his speech at the rally. Moore was friends with the King family.