family reunions

Family reunion at Whitesville (Ky.) 1940

This photo from the Ohio River Portrait Project was contributed by Ida Mae Pruden. The family was Catholic,  and one little girl is holding a nun doll. Sears delivery truck is in background; Ida Mae Pruden’s uncle drove it.


Sharon Payne’s Family Reunion in Adair County (Ky.)

The Adair County African American Heritage Oral History Project features interviewees discussing everything from family history, education, religion, and childhood to segregation, integration, and civil rights activities. In this excerpt, from a 2013 interview, Sharon Payne discusses her family reunion.


Boone Family Association at Daniel Boone’s Grave

This association of Boone descendants and researchers was founded June 30, 1924, and continued until the late-1930s. The first President, and organizer, was William Boone Douglass (third from the left). Mrs. Hazel Atterbury Spraker (third from the right), the author of The Boone Family, was the historian, registrar, and secretary.

Boone Family Association photo

Boone Family Association at Daniel Boone’s Grave (Frankfort, Ky.). Kentucky Historical Society, Wolff, Gretter, Cusick and Hill Studios Negatives, Graphic 2.